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In this image, a contented driver is depicted, enjoying her free time away from a service center. She is shown with her hands raised in relaxation and contentment, symbolizing the carefree experience of entrusting her vehicle to Autofriend. This image captures the essence of convenience and peace of mind that Autofriend's services provide, allowing customers to savor their free time without the worries of car maintenance

Auto Service Valet:

Your Car, Your Choice, Our Care.


We drive your vehicle to its scheduled appointments

Need your vehicle?

We bring your vehicle to where you are


We work in close partnership with local dealerships to guarantee that your vehicle never misses an appointment

Under the Car

Our Story

It all began when Timaree, the owner, and her friend Kylie were paired up in their college entrepreneur class. Their assignment: create and pitch a business idea. After several brainstorming sessions that didn't quite hit the mark, Timaree and Kylie returned to the drawing board.

One evening, as Timaree—a mother of four juggling a full-time job and student responsibilities—was compiling her to-do list, she casually offered her husband $50 to take her van in for an oil change. It started as a joke, but the idea struck a chord. If she was willing to pay someone to handle this task, surely others would too.

Kylie shared Timaree's enthusiasm and vision wholeheartedly, and that's how Autofriend was born. With Kylie's cheers of support and Timaree and her husband, Kelly, at the wheel, they set their entrepreneurial dreams into motion.


What our Customers have to say about us!

"The service was easy to use.  They came and picked up my car and dropped it back to me when it was done."


"Super easy! Saved me time and a trip to the dealership."

"They came to my work and picked up my truck and then dropped it back off, super easy."



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