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The Owners

Meet Kelly Fullerton, our hardworking and devoted father of four. With an extensive background spanning over a decade in customer service, where his expertise ranges from carpets to pools, Kelly knows the value of exceptional service inside and out.

However, Kelly's journey is rooted in a deep commitment to others. Before his service-focused career, he spent a remarkable 18 years caring for patients. His compassion and dedication shown through as a nursing assistant, providing support in assisted living homes and the comfort of patients' own residences. Kelly's innate ability to nurture and care for others has always been at the core of his mission.

Meet Timaree Fullerton, the founder and driving force behind our team. As a remarkable mother of four, Timaree embarked on a transformative journey nine years ago when she decided to pursue a career as a pharmacy technician. Since then, her path, guided by her founding vision, has been a source of inspiration.

Timaree's relentless work ethic and unwavering determination have led her to achieve significant milestones in her professional life. She's held various leadership roles, including compliance officer, and currently, she serves as our dedicated Education Program Director.

Beyond her work commitments, Timaree is a lifelong learner who actively seeks out local courses to expand her knowledge. She's a woman who never settles and always looks forward to new horizons and fresh goals. Timaree embodies the spirit of constant growth and accomplishment.

Timaree Fullerton, Founder/Owner, and Kelly Fullerton, Co-owner of Autofriend's Auto Service Valet - Passionate leaders dedicated to exceptional vehicle maintenance service.
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